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Culturama Reflection 3 – 20th Oct 2019

Culturama just finished!!! I think it was really a huge success, I could not believe that it actually turned out so well! I remember how concerned I was at the light plot but our great dancers managed to put on such a great show in the end! I remember when Imogen and I first came back from summer and were on the verge of quitting our role as dancer leaders. I am so thankful we didn’t and I am forever grateful for this opportunity to witness everyone’s growth and to take part in it. Culturama was a really enjoyable experience overall and I have learnt so much and developed so many skills through this. Culturama not only allowed me to pursue my passion for dance and work with my beloved co-dance leader, but it has also taught me how to communicate with people and manage team dynamics. I think a big takeaway from Culturama is also the skill to manage time and stress, there will be a point where there is nothing more you can do and you just got to get the best out of it. I think I did a good job as a leader as I believe I was quite supportive throughout our rehearsals but did get harsh and strict when needed. I have realised that the effect of the show depends so much on the energy of everyone and the willingness of them to make it a memorable experience and I think we really succeeded in enjoying the show for both ourselves and the audience. Having led Culturama China last year, I believe that the experience is different for everyone every year. I really loved this few months of hard work and showcasing that on stage whilst making new friends and having fun. Will definitely do Culturama again next year without a second thought!

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