Grade 9 Math Reflection

RHow has maths been?

It’s been alright.

  • How is it different/same to what you expected?

Math has been the same to what I expected in terms of difficulty as we are learning new things. However I didn’t realise how much terminology and symbols we’d have to learn (e.g: R = regular numbers). I don’t think we had to learn this much terminology last year.

  • What have you been pleased with?

I have been pleased with the Algebra unit as it was one of my favourites as I didn’t find it that difficult.

  • What do you want to improve?

Revising as I think most of the mistakes I made during the test were silly mistakes or I had forgotten to do some of them.

  • What is you goal for the end of the course?

To try and get an expanding level or at least a 5 for a test.

  • How can I help you get their?

Not sure.