Fun Home – End Of Week 2 Reflection

What is your definition so far for the graphic text?

A graphic text is a book with both printed text and images.

How do speech and narrative language work with images to tell a story?

The words aren’t enough to make sense of what’s happening in the story. In this book, pictures speak louder than words. But without words, the story is unclear.

Instead of the reader trying to picture what’s happening in the story, the author is showing them. The reader is seeing what the author wants them to see and how they envision themselves as a person. It also gives the author the opportunity to visually reference other classic stories or famous people which might be relevant to the story. The speech and narrative language …..

Whose story is told here? HOW IS IDENTITY REPRESENTED?
This graphic memoir – how does this genre affect your reading of it?

You are seeing what the author wants you to see.

– can’t intemperate the story wrong

What do image or text so far do you find the most striking and why?

I find the image and text on page 12 the most striking. This is because it is easily able to convey the fear the author must have been feeling after making her father furious. They do this by showing the father’s figure looming over the girl (the author) with her hunched shoulders. What makes this scene even more interesting and striking is when she references Daedalus and the Minotaur and how the house was like the labyrinth the inescapable the Minotaur lived in.

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