Tips To Writing A Good Paper 1

Today, we practiced writing introductions for the Paper 1. I learnt if I am to write a good essay introduction, I must trust my instinct on what the pros or poem is about.


I am a bit of a perfectionist

  • trust insticts on what pro/poem is about, – sometimes I get stuck on this and as a result, I get fixatd and waste precious time
  • I am a little bit of a prefectionist, shouldn’t be fixated on a section for too long – just quickly jot thoughts down and move onto the next section so I can finish my essay on time

PW Reflection 1

Preparations for the Grade 11s annual project week trip started on Tuesday the 26th of November, 2019. Initially, I wanted to travel to Gili islands with some friends to work with the NGO Gili Eco-trust. I was really interested in working with this NGO as they aim to protect the coral reefs and their inhabitants. It was also a scuba diving trip which sounded like a lot of fun. I have never scuba dived before and I wanted to push my boundaries by trying something new. I wanted to challenge my fear of the open water and the unknown. However, after discussions with doctors about my sinusitis condition, I was unfortunately not able to join this Project Week Group. I was really excited about the prospect of this trip and was hugely disappointed when I unable to participate. I then had to find another group which proved to be another enormous challenge as there was a limit on numbers within groups and everyone had already formed and were happy with their groups. It took me weeks to find a suitable group to join. I only knew one person in the new group. This brought up feelings of exclusion and isolation but this gave me the opportunity to meet new people and challenged me to work with strangers.