Mother and Son & The talk

The poem ” Mother to Son” and the advertisement ” The talk” both display the perspectives of black mothers,¬† encouraging and teaching their children to be strong and confident about who they are. There is an age trend seen in the advertisement, from the little girl to the old teenage boy in the ad. Although the mother’s words are changing in different agings and circumstances, the topic they addressed is all related to situations that the black minority faced, which can be explained using lines in the poem:” Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.” The poet utilized a metaphor to address the journey of life from a mother’s perspective, encountered with the process individual takes to reach their life goals. They passed on their knowledge and experiences to future generations which can also be seen in the ad when mothers are trying to encourage and inspire their kids.¬† ¬†Another reference is ” So boy, don’t you turn back. Don’t you set down on the steps”. Steps symbols the steps a person takes to reach the top of the “stair”, so the verbs ” turn back” and “set down” in this case conveys backward seeing or recessive emotion. Such encouraging words convince the child to face the obstacles and do not turn back and give up on themselves. In the ad, the producer uses various camera angles to intentionally highlights the dialogue between mothers and children, who are feeling doubtful and been exposed to the surrounding environment. The advertisement and the poem both elaborate on the black minorities’ circumstances that people normally encountered during daily life. When the young generations are confuseded or dispirited, the figure of the mothers always stands in a steady and sincere manner to encourage their children, which let the edification seems even more powerful and convincing.

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