EE reflection

Learned – I have learnt about the western influences in Japanese society in many animation films; such as the effects of hip hop music genre on the series Samurai Champloo.

Proud – I am proud of the research that I have conducted on the parallels between past and present in Japanese society. It is commonly known that modern Japanese men have not inherited the traits of those in the past (Samurai). Samurai Champloo shows this by comparing and contrasting the two protagonists – Mugen and Jin. Jin is a representation of the past- formal, proper kata (techniques), nice, humble, etc. Mugen is a representation of the present- irrational, dirty minded, self-centred, etc.

Next – I will conduct further research on the anime and the relationship between hip hop and the past/present influence; how they affect one another and how it is cinematically shown. I will also have to re-watch the series and take notes on each episode.

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