Reflection 1: English

  • What has changed? What has stayed the same?
  • I feel that the way I think about other people and being able to understand their situation has changed into a  strong movement. Also, I have developed more self confidence, determination and inspiration. In addition to that, I strongly feel that I have changed the way I think about myself over these two years and have become more open. These are mainly because of my exposure to the outside world and curiosity. However, my passion for playing sports and being an athlete,  musics and making new friends have not changed at all.


  • To what extent do identities change over time? Why?
  • Identities are the characteristics and personalities of a human being and one might change his/her identity anytime; depending on the situation or the new environment that they are exposed to. For example, James is a silent, gentle and not so popular boy in the school but his friends can influence him by saying that if he dyed his hair blond or grey, he could become popular. If he does what they tell him then he is changing his identity and not being who he really is. Nevertheless, identities can change over time depending on situation, circumstances, environment and many more.


  • Do we have one fixed identity or multiple?
  • Personally and generally, I feel that everyone has multiple identity because a person can have different identities at a different age. Their personalities can change depending on the environment, influence from people around them and what they go through as they grow up.


  • To what extent does this text (Starburst Identity Chart) represent your full identity?
  • My identity is like a growing tree. The tree grows and changes in different seasons and so do I change as I grow. Sometimes, it looks beautiful and sometimes dull. The words in the starburst identity chart expresses only some part of my identity and I feel that I cannot express my identity through text.


  • Can you suggest a text that can more completely capture your identity?
  • I don’t think there are texts that can completely capture my identity.


  • How do graphic elements in this text contrast to show multiple perspectives?
  • The arrows that point outside shows what we think about ourselves and knowing our own characteristics and personalities. Where the other arrow that points inside the circle shows what other people think about me through judging without knowing my identities.


  • In what ways can the loss and search for identity be represented in this text?


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