My three letter code was Investigative, Realistic and Social. (IRS)

Some of the careers that I found interesting are as follows:

  1. Sports medicine physician: I found this career interesting because I love sports and I have always wanted to do something related to sports in the future. I like doing the things that I enjoy doing it and something where I have already experience in it like I always have to balance my diet, do regular medical checkups, fitness so that I don’t face any problems while playing sports and so on. Thus, I want to study like ( treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system, giving advises against injured athletes etc) and improve more in that field so that I can find a career related to it. However, sports is my second career option.
  2.  Dermatologist- this career option is something that I have never thought about before but it was there in one of the career list by MaiaLearning. It’s interesting to know and have an option of a career recommended that I didn’t think of it before because it is helping me to take into consideration of different fields for my future career and Dermatologist is fun to study as well.
  3.  Dietetic Technician- this career option was on the top list but I don’t think it matches my interest that much and of what I want to study as well. I not the type of person who really cares about diet or healthy food or a great cook. I am not even that interested in cooking and food production but being a dietetic technician was the first career recommended for me by MaiaLearning. From my point of view, MaiaLearning doesn’t really show the type of career I want in my future.
  • I am actually not sure about my career in the future but I want to study something related to design technology, physics, Arts and sports but also something related to social.  The careers recommended by MaiaLearning are all mostly related to the study of medicine and theory and shows less career option relating to social and practical work. Thus I feel like  it doesn’t really show the type of career that I want in the future.




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