Mock English paper 1 reflection

#Slavery – 

# Calvin and Hobbes -

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1.How might you use the PEA structure more effectively to avoid describing/narrating ? 

  • understand the text clearly before starting to analyse.
  • be concise on stating “Point” – “Evidence” and then “Analyse”.
  • When analysing, remember to answer “to what effect?” – meaning how can you show analysis more and further in depth? to what you have already analysed a bit. What is the effect of having eg: high angle? why does it make them look powerful?
  • Answer “so what?”
  • Do not state or use points and evidence that does not provide more analysis – that will eventually go into description.


2. How might you use your thesis to organise your ideas to BUILD arguments? 

  • unpack and analyse in the form of:

Visual elements


Lexical elements


  • Make sure to be able to identity 1 or 2 themes when reading and understanding the text.
  • Identify 2 or 3  thesis strands that supports the main themes and then use PEA.
  • Build your analysis by developing your points and ideas.


3. How might you read more carefully for implied meaning by using visual or verbal word choices? 

  • read the text 2 to 3 times to understand the text while also unpacking the visual and lexical elements.
  • for comic strips – read texts beyond class
  • focus on the choices of word used in the text – analyse “why did they use that?” “how does that impact the understanding of the text?”
  • looking into character vs characterisation
  • if there is a character shown in the text, then there should be something that the characters represent or symbolise.
  • find out what do the characters represent or symbolise? –> what is contrasting, ironic, humorous, exaggerating? within the characters and their actions or thoughts?
  • Do the representation of characters have any impact on society? on the readers?


Next step

  • Read essays written by others – to see what necessary changes i might need to make
  •  practise more comic strip and political text type paper 1 – with the feedbacks implied
  • study the different text types, possible features and vocabularies of those text types that I can use in my essay.
  • learn how to unpack visual and lexical elements more.
  • Look into the work choice used by the author and its impact on the readers?
  • improving PEA structure. –> To avoid narrating.

Text 2


Text 1




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