Initiative For Peace #IFP

#LO 3

Peace Day Conference (IFP.)

On 1st September 2019,  the Peace Day Conference was held at UWCSEA-Dover Campus from 9 am to 4:30pm. The conference was  held for grade 11 students who are interested in joining IFP in both Dover and East. At first, I thought it would just be a  usual conference to introduce and talk a little bit about how it was formed and what they have been doing till now but this conference was totally different. There were so many activities and games which helped us to have interactions with the Dover students and at the same time it was knowledgable. The Peace Day Conference was divided into four main activities and they were; Sculpture garden activity, tolerance, a model UWCSEA student and the school’s veggie Wednesday . All the activities made me reflect on myself, especially “tolerance”

In the tolerance activity, we discussed on what is meant by tolerance and acceptance and how one should have the ability to tolerate in different situation. This activity made me reflect on what I have been doing and what I should do from now onwards. it made me think deeper about how it can affect the other person if I did not tolerate .Tolerance is the ability and willingness to control your emotions (anger)  and understand the existence of opinions and behaviour that one dislike or disagree. We should have empathy for that particular person. Sometimes there are situations where you have to consider other people’s point of view which can be totally different form yours but you need to  tolerate that and let it be or accept it. That can also come under compassion and in that way even if it was a small thing, it can make a big change in the future. I also learnt that having patience is one of the best ways to calm the situation or conflict and find our own peace.