PSE Unit 1 Reflection: I Be

Personality in Working Groups 

As a group worker I am often very involved and motivated, taking on that “Acting” personality trait which defines and individual who likes to plunge immediately into a task. I believe this aspect of my personality is what encapsulates my passion, determination and my tendency towards leadership roles; once I put my mind to something I am a rigorous worker. Though as this also means I have quite a competitive nature, my tunnel like vision may cause me to lose track of my surrounding and how my actions begin to affect those around me. Over the years as I’ve matured, Ive developed a more aspects of the “caring” personality trait. Although I am still a fast, efficient worker I am a more holistic group worker as I’ve learnt especially as a leader is hugely important to account for every members voice and ideas, that in the process of accomplishing our goal, we do not sacrifice kindness and empathy.

Emotional intelligence 

The ability to understand and manage ones emotions greatly increases our chances of success, but also allows us to develop stronger relationships with others and within ourself. Understanding why we think or hold the preferences we do is a very powerful advantage. Personally I believe my levels of Self and social awareness, my ability to recognise emotions (and their impact) in ourselves and in others, is very high. I understand what my strengths and weaknesses are but do not let that define, as both can be continuously shifting and improved upon. Sensitivity has been second nature to me, but I have developed the ability to not allow myself to become emotionally sabotaged.


knowing how to say no 

disconnect from technology 

getting enough sleep 

stopping negative self talk


Grit is defined as the sustained and continued effort over long period of time. It is the skill that I believe makes a human ‘successful’. We often hold assumptions that goals like losing a certain amount of weight are too hard, but in actuality it is not the physical aspect that is challenging, it is the skill of self control that evokes the most struggle. As for now I am still balancing my abilities of self control, understanding which methods of restriction or modification in my work ethic will benefit me. The concept of self control has always been terribly hard for me to grasp. As a child I only understood instant gratification – if I wanted something, I would try my best to get it then. However as I’ve matured I’ve understood that large projects or long term goals often provide one with delayed gratification. Shifting my mentality has been quite challenging.

how will you apply your knowledge of identity, personality types, eq and grit to your IB journey

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One thought on “PSE Unit 1 Reflection: I Be

  1. Thanks for your reflection Sophie. I think you do indeed have a high emotional intelligence which will benefit you in the future. I hope you can take some of these skills / knowledge from this first unit into the IB program this year. Thanks for your willingness to participate in class discussions. Your leadership here is noticeable and appreciated. I think you’ll find the next units on self discovery and professional relationships interesting and beneficial

    Have a good break.

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