During the summer, I attended the Trinity Rock and Pop Award Ceremony for the 2018 exams. I had taken the drum exam for G6 last year, and I was later notified that I had gotten the highest G6 score in Singapore. It came as quite a big shock to me, but I was proud of myself as it was the first time I had taken a music exam.


It was a nice experience to see many other people like me who really love drumming and receive tips from people who passed the grade above. I was able to talk to a few people and see how they did to get them to where they were now.

This year in Grade 10, I want to further improve my drumming and participate in activities that broaden my learning in drumming such as auditioning to the Jazz band and going out of my comfort zone.

Last year for Jazz combo, my group and I had performed during the graduation ceremony for a bit and that was pretty nice and a new experience.

Some things that I hope are that for the next grade I am able to further develop my skills, and I also hope that I can receive an experience such as a band that I can exhibit my skills in.