Which mentor text (from slide 3) will you use as your model? How will you ‘steal’ from it? (hyperlink that text in)

I think that I will use the ted sketch note. Something that I will ‘steal’ from it would be the design, the minimal text design is what appealed to me.


Will your final post be built collaboratively? (If yes, indicate specific responsibilities and timeline)

Yes, I think that I’ll be in charge of editing/compiling the whole thing since I am media coordinator. My other group members will be responsible for reviewing the final product. I think Shreyans will be looking after the service aspect, and Arnav will gather all the media on the activities as the logistics coordinator.

Which future-ready skills will you use during Project week, and how can you capture them in action for your post?

I think that coordinating with others will be a very important skill during project week, as coordinating is very key when we do the activity (diving). If we don’t coordinate with all the parties involved, then accidents will occur.


What do you need to document during the week? Be Specific, create a checklist for you to refer back to. (ex: who will it be important to interview, which questions will you ask?)

Somethings that I think that we need to document would be things that we did, how we feel, what went through our mind and maybe what challenges we faced. This will be key because it will help us to reflect easier since we will most likely forget some things.


How can you balance what the service provider AND future grade 11s might want to see in your final reflection? At this moment in time, I’m not sure how I can balance what the service provider and future grade 11s see in my reflection.


How might you use the tool linkedin for your reference on the slide 5?

I don’t have Linkedin, so I’m not sure how I’m going to use it.

Media Workshop Project Week

2 things to remember:

  • Follow the ‘Rule Of Thirds’ (Grid layout found in the camera app on the phone)
    • Put your subject on the points where the vertical and horizontal lines meet
  • Simplistic photos are good as it allows the audience to focus on the subject

Level Up:

  • Organise our media in terms of subject/type
    • Organising based on person e.g Arnav, Shreyans, Nikhil
    • Organising based on subject e.g land, sea
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