East Volleyball Club – Libero – Reflection 2

I think that I enjoyed being with people that are outside of the group I am with on the day to day basis. The challenge was to kindle a sense of team spirit as not all of us were familiar with each other. We had just had a game in a friendly tournament between school clubs. The year before we only had 7 players where there always had to be 6 players on the court. Then, we had made it to 4th place out of 8. This year, we did not make it into the second round and placed 7th. We had many more players this year, but that did not prove to be the sole factor. Perhaps the other teams had improved, perhaps the difference in levels made for a strange dynamic. All I know is that the relationship the club has this year, though it is strong, is not as strong as what we had last year. (Addresses LO2)


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