The Start of Grade 10

So far it is the Friday of the first week of school and it hasn’t been that bad. Besides the fact that we are starting out IGCSE’s this which means we will be very busy. Since coming back I got to see some friends who I haven’t seen in weeks but it feels the same so far. The only change that has really happened is I have gotten 2 new teachers, I have to climb an extra flight of stairs and I went from 9KVa to 10KVa. Even though it has only been a week since school started, it feels like months and I have been doing this for ages. The start of grade 9, I mainly would wake up dreading school and try to avoid it at all costs but now, to be honest, it isn’t that bad. I have gotten used to it. My first post on this portfolio I was mainly talking about how much I hated school and now I am looking back at me and I am thinking wow. I am very nervous when it comes to my IGCSE exams as my mock exams last year weren’t the best and really didn’t reflect my understanding. I do procrastinate a lot so when I have a 2 month exam leave for my exams I am just anxious of what I will do. I guess the upcoming mocks in December will be a good practice for me. So I am really looking forward to grade 10 and to be able to look back at it during my IB years.

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