Stop motion reflection


Self-management– We think the most challenging thing for us is time management, we sometimes couldn’t follow our plan. One is because we have a different schedule, another is that we always have a new idea but don’t have the equipment to help us finish.  We failed at organizing materials effectively, First, we considered about using a puppet. We made an anime puppet which can wave its hands, but the problem is that we cannot find a suitable background board, even we find it, it couldn’t be big enough. Then, we tried to act by ourselves, one of us would move slowly, and another would take photos. But it was still difficult to make a good atmosphere, for example, if we turn off the light, the room would be too dark to take photos… we faced many problems, however, we solved them in the end. When we were hesitant about animation and people acting, we decided to merge them. One thing important that we can keep an optimistic mindset.

Collaboration– I think we did well on collaboration, we always have clear divisions of responsibilities, if one of us has a new idea, we would discuss it together and compare it with the old idea. If someone finished her things first, she would help another person. We encouraged each other when it was necessary and we were patient all the time. We discussed our video face to face because both of us are boarders, we always have time to make our product more perfect. We seldom had disagreement because we would compromise before quarrel.

Communication– Before we start to record the film, we had discussion time first, but if another person could not understand, we would draw down our thoughts to explain. When one is speaking, another would listen carefully,  after she finished, the listener would share her idea because we could never know whose idea is better. Here is an example: when we were choosing music, both of us have our own idea, we had a topic about the BGM but there are so many kinds of music. So we listened to others’ music, then found out the best one. We did not have any problem in language or express our ideas.


Partner Agreement


Gloria: Doris is a good partner, I really enjoy the time working with her.

Doris: We worked really well, I think we did a wonderful job. But for the efficient part, we can still improve a lot.

We should be active listener and be patient when we are doing our work. We need to be friendly with our partner, for example, we shouldn’t quarrel with each other because of some small disagreement.

Anyway, this is a very good opportunity to understand each other deeply and it is also a very good experience for us to learn more things,  and how to better communicate with people. Wish we can work together again in the future!


1.Include 3-5 quotes from the episode that you found interesting.

-“Phenomenon number two is: we love freaking out about the internet. There is, again, every week, “Oh look, something terrible happened on the internet.” So I think both of those are real ingredients in why there’s a backlash.”

People is interested in something bad that happened in real life but show on the internet.Also the quotes shows the Internet can spread news efficiently and correctly.

-“Social media is no more likely to make young people feel depressed, less confident, less popular, or worse about themselves in 2018 than it was in 2012, according to our brand new research.”

Social media can help teenagers build their confident, it is truth that they can find happiness through the Internet, not only bad thing can be learnt online.Sometimes teenagers can feel themselves more on the Internet.From the time, we can find that follow the time, technology developed fast and have more positive effects for people who use electronics.

-“But one thing I wanted to get to was parents’ role in device addiction, if we want to call it that, which is parents are actually using devices just as much as teens are, and so, I think role modeling is a really important factor here. If we want our teens to have more face-to-face conversations and be on their phones less, then we need to model that behavior ourselves.”

Leading by example play a important role for parents if they want their child to be far away from the electronics, there is almost no influence for children if parent in device addiction.
2.How the episode used the conventions and to what effect?

They add the preview that introduce the topic and the main theme about what’s going on and they have the music before they have formal conversation, it gives readers a good atmosphere and bring interest to readers and let them want to keep reading. Also there is BGM through all the episode. Not only music but also the standard introduction of the narrators themselves.They have enough information, such as news, data, guest and someone’s experience. At the end, after they finish their conversation they said goodbye and thank you for listening and reading, there are many links for the information details, readers can learn more from the links included in the episode.
3.What about this episode helps you pick the challenge to try out?

I know more details about the social media, such as the advantages and disadvantages about it.If I try the challenge about social media I might learn and understand more about the episode, I can have the experience just like the narrators in the episode said. 

4.What new questions do you have as the result of thinking about this episode? (list 2-3)

-“A lot of parents I think don’t understand what’s happening on social media, don’t understand what their teens are doing on their devices, and so they have this really sort of antagonistic relationship. They’re like, “Get off your phone!” You know? It’s like, “Get off my lawn!” And so, I think that that’s really a mistake, and that’s something that can actually cause a weakening of the relationship between parent and teen, which is the last thing you want as the parent of a teenager.”

Why can’t parents understand what’s happening on social media? They always use social media in their daily life.

Parents use social media more than children but why parents still can’t understand their child ?

Parents actually know the benefits of using social media but why they still don’t let their children use it?



From the lesson:

  • Respiration is the release of energy in cells by the breakdown of food substances.
  • C6H12O6+6O2——6CO2+6H2O (glucose + oxygen——carbon dioxide + water).
  • Cells need and use the energy that is formed through this process to assist with life processes in order for organisms to survive and reproduce.

I did task 2 with Gloria and we used glucose and hot water to show the respiration.Here are the steps for the experiment.

  1. Get a syringe, and put some liquid food in it.
  2. Cover it with clay, make sure there won’t be oxygen get in during the experiment.
  3. Get an empty tube.
  4. Put syringe into the empty tube straightly with clay in the button.
  5. Fill the tube with hot water.
  6. Observe what is happening in the tube

In the end, we saw there were bubbles coming out of the syringe and the water filled in the syringe so the number decreased from 3 to 4.

We can see that the glucose and oxygen created water and carbon dioxide: