Reflection of optimistic

The result of the optimistic survey is:

From the article, I learned that the benefit of being optimistic:

  • Health
  • Greater achievement
  • Persistence
  • Emotional Health
  • Increased longevity
  • Less stress

There are a lot of benefits to be optimistic and have positive thoughts about life,  and it’s the thing that I need to work on. For releasing pressure, I think I can do more interesting things and not think too much. Be more confident about things and make more friends.

TOK-theory of knowledge

In the first few classes, we learned a lot from the TOK, such as Knowledge claim. In the class, we shared our opinions on Knowledge claim by using a website, and we also discussed what we know and what we don’t know about ourselves or the world.  So we know that a knowledge claims are something that a claimant believes to be true but are open to fact-checking, discussion and debate.

Then, we learned personal knowledge and shared knowledge, and made a group speech in the class. Our group told a story about a white girl who suffered from Internet violence because of her inappropriate “joke” on twitter. At first, I just thought there is a thing called knowledge which means the facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. I didn’t know that knowledge included personal and shared but after the class.

  • Personal knowledge: knowledge of a circumstance or fact gained through firsthand observation or their own (individual) experiences(Inferring from actions) background of those who involved.
  • Shared knowledge: From scientists and researchers, ethnic group. Held communally, by groups which will vary in size depending on the type of knowledge being explored.

TOK teaches us to understand more about the knowledge, to analyze them and see its faults so they can be improved upon or just be made aware of. An important example of this is ethics or the study of morals as it is also known as.

CAS #1

What aspects of CAS are you looking forward to?

  • Creativity and activity.

How might you plan your year of CAS in order to maintain balance?

  • I chose only each one subject for the three projects of Service, activity and Creativity, I didn’t choose too many, so I think I will not feel too difficult or tired for the whole school year. And time management is good for me, so I have free time to study or relax after Tuesday and Friday.

Service-Music with SGM children LO2

What has been the biggest challenge within CAS so far? What might you do to improve this?

-So far, the biggest challenge about the CAS is a service, the service I chose mainly is about playing with children play, I went to the place on Monday, but I find that I couldn’t quickly establish friendly relations with children, and couldn’t have a long conversation with them. So after Monday, I did not know many children. I think I should find some games or topics that children will likely to do or talk about. Hope it can help me set up the relationship between kids and me.