Project week LO5

38 Mercy Centre Bangkok, Thailand

This is the planning document we made after dividing into groups. Our preparation steps, air ticket journey, maximum spending limit, where to live, how to get to the mercy centre, etc. are all in this document, so this document is extremely important . Each of us has different tasks assigned, my task is a minute taker, so I will have a separate document that records all the content and information I need:Minutes taker document

We built 10 flags for the project week planning:

1) Trip Information / Setup 

2) Participants List

3) Forms of Transport During the trip

4) Accommodation Information

5) Partner Organization Information

6) Key forms of Communications During Trip

7) Location of Suitable Medical Facility

8) Local Adult Contact 

9) To purchase Insurance -ignore this

10) Risk Assessment

* Extra Flag –  if you choose to any “adventurous” activities.

Our Project Week group number is 38 , Our destination is Bangkok, Thailand

Animation reflection(LO5)

This is the video I recorded for the final product we created during animation activity time, we used the tag tool app on Ipad to make an animation based on the topic- Christmas. Our aim was to design and create a background for the school music event, the main theme was Christmas so in the video, you can see Santa and snowman sort of things. In the video, the scene was after the music event, we reflected the animation on the big wall of our school main gate so that visitors and guests could see the drawing after they had a wonderful experience in the music show.