context of Women’s World


Context of women’s world

Graham  Rawle is a UK writer, a collage artist and a designer. Graham Rawle’s work has been exhibited internationally and he regularly lectures about his work at both academic and public events. Among his published books, Women’s world is one of them and it was published in 2005. The book  was created entirely  from fragments of collaged  found text clipped from vintage women’s magazines from 1960s. “for five years Rawle, Stakhanovite of the scissors and paste, has laboured 17 hours a day, seven days a week, assembling 40,000 fragments of text from women’s magazines to produce a tale that moves with the pace of a thriller, with as many cliffhanging chapter endings and swerves of story.” His novel Women’s World was very famous and has won many awards as well. Women’s World is a twisty, interesting and a reflecting book. It builds the story about fashion-interested and identity. In this novel, the author views embodiment of two different gender/person within a single on-screen character (Norma and Roy)/ multi-personality.

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