September 25


I am Malakai Tuima, a Grade 11 IB student at UWCSEA East Campus. I’d like to think that I am a people’s person. I am someone who is never afraid to try new things in life. I am always open to new challenges. I often find myself actually liking the new things I try even when I have never tried them before. They see me as a very happy and outgoing person, a very fun person to hang out with (at least that’s what some people have told me). I see myself as someone who cares for others, especially friends or family. Someone who always find a way to overcome challenges in any positive way possible. I also see myself as someone who is always very eager to learn, very determined. I don’t really think that I am associated with a certain group of people because I am a very positive and open-minded person. I am mostly just connected to my friends and family, my Fijian colleagues, but I really enjoy meeting new people, because I think that every individual is really interested in their own unique way.

I will use the things I have learned in PSE to help me with my future collaborative works. It can an individual or in groups.



September 25

Culturama Ghana – 1st Session

I am the dance leader, so in our first session. I taught the dancers all the dance. We have 4 section of the dance, the first one is traditional dance and there is also 2 afrobeat, and the last one is afro-house. After I taught the dancers the whole piece, I let them decide which group they wanted to be in and which dance they are most comfortable doing. They had to choose if they wanted to do either group 2 or group 3 since the group 1 and group 4 dance is compulsory for everyone to do. I was really impressed with how our first session went because everyone was very enthusiastic, easier to control, which definitely make the teaching process very easy for me. And as for the people that were not there, I just put them in a group that I think that they would enjoy.

Down below is a link to the video of our first rehearsals, of me teaching the dance to the dancers.




September 25

Culturama Ghana- Planning and Choreographing

I started planning the dance in Grade 10 so that I have an idea of what kind of dance style I want to do, whether it’s more upbeat, very energetic, etc. I choreographed bits of the dance over the same, just so that it would be really easy for me to get on with everything, especially in teaching the dance to the dancers.

I also created tutorial videos of each section of the dance, so that it would be fast for the dancers to learn the dance and when they come in the next rehearsal, they’ll already be aware of what they are gonna be doing.

Tutorial Videos attached below: