October 24

Culturama – Costume

Deciding on what costume that we want to wear during our performance was somewhat kind of easy but hard at the same time. We wanted to wear something that would be totally different from other countries and make us stand out in the crowd but at the same be culturally appropriate. With the help of Sandra(co-leader), she came up with different ideas to what would look really good on stage, since she knows more about the culture that I do.

Initially, we came with the idea for everyone to all wear the same things which are call Dashiki (which is shown below)

Image result for dashikiBut we change our mind and decided that we should let the boys wear Dashiki since we only have two boys and let the girls wear kanga cloths. We shared our decision with the committee and they loved it. After getting the costume, we were unsure if they were gonna work or not, but once we let them tried it on it looked absolutely amazing. And we also decided to add facepaint on the face, just to add a bit of volume and texture.

Below is our group picture of all the dancers wearing the full costume.


Rendered Image

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