Science reflection 2

During the project I have learned the details about the explanation of sustainability, and the importance of it.During the process, I found a variety of different methods to improve the environment, also from the preparations for interviews with the audience, I can reflect myself on what is not good enough in my life so I can change it to be more sustainable.

The most challenging thing for me was making the infographic, I was the one who should have the responsibility to finish the infographic but in fact, I spend a lot of time on it and the result was still not so good at I thought.With my group members help, I finished it.Also our client Ms.Cathy Jones has already been a very sustainable person in life, so it was a challenge for us to find the place that she can change.

One thought on “Science reflection 2

  1. It sounds like you had a lot of challenges in your project. I like the way you worked collaboratively with your other team members to ensure all the parts were completed in time for your final interviews. I wonder what the biggest thing you learned about yourself was in this process?

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