Service-Music with SGM children-reflection(LO7)

Music for All with SGM Murni is a service that connects the child and us together, we go there as kids’ friends and teacher to play with them with music. The children there are very cute, this service has been going on for quite a long time, the bond between us and the children is getting deeper, and they are looking forward to our arrival every Monday. Usually, we use a computer or mobile phone to connect to a Bluetooth speaker to play music for them, and sing and dance or play games with them while playing music.

The first few times we went there, the first thing that we did was an active atmosphere, such as “head, shoulder, knees and toes” to attract children’s attention, and then sing and dance with them.  Last time we played “grab a chair”, there was music while the play and kids were standing between several chairs. When the music stopped, they should go to a stool, otherwise, they would lose the game. Children have a strong desire to win or lose, but some children are unhappy because they lose the game.

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