Running hour reflection LO6

I don’t think that people with disabilities should be treated specially from a personal perspective. Disabled people are more of a psychological inconvenience than life’s inconvenience. It is necessary to take care of them in the social system. , I think it’s better to treat them as ordinary people. In many cases, zeal is worse than indifference. Since fate has given him a body different from ordinary people, we should not give them care different from ordinary people. My point is not to care too much about them and treat them as ordinary people.

-Whether they are disabled is not the point.
-Don’t help the disabled with a gesture of helping the weak
Do not regard the disabled as the weak. Although the disabled are a vulnerable group, they are by no means the weak. Apart from illness or physical disability, what is the difference between the disabled and normal people? In dealing with setbacks, people with disabilities can even be considered strong, because people with disabilities can face the pain that ordinary people cannot bear.
-Disabled people do not need comfort from normal people
-Don’t tell inspirational stories to the disabled
-Evaluate the achievements of persons with disabilities according to normal standards

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