What is life-science reflection

To my future self:

Science is difficult and hard to understand for you, I know you hate science because you can’t understand it. Also you need lots of time to learn science in English, so I hope you will be better than now:

  • Don’t give up ,always believe yourself that you can improve the science skills.
  • When you get a bad score, work harder and harder, you should feel sorry for your self and keep going.
  • Learn more English, it will help you a l0t for understanding the questions.
  • Think deeper about the questions, science questions are always insidious,you need pay attention to the science trap.
  • Always ask for help for the topics that you don’t understand, don’t be shy or feel embarrassed to ask questions to teachers or your classmates, they are all very friendly and nice.

I want to share with you what do I feel about science now:

Yes,I am super confused about science, after some assessments, I got bad scores for them, and this has blown my confidence a lot.  I really want to change this situation.

If there are difficult questions, keep calm and think more, maybe I have learned it before or I know how to explain it. Don’t give up.


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