Gpers reflection

1. What is the best way to teach children how to develop a lesson plan and presentation for the Island Foundation?

Communication between children and teachers is very important, they can exchange different ideas through conversation. Children only need to pay attention to this topic for 10-15 minutes, so we need to divide the course into sections, each with a different theme. Use this method to get the attention of the children. In addition, for example, when the child begins to lose focus, the teacher can clap his hands and wait for the student to clap back, but it is best not to use the word “no” to stop the student’s actions, which will make the children have a counterattack, thus losing classroom order.

2. What is the connection between Piaget’s cognitive development theory and/or Vygotsky’s social learning theory and the way you build the course? Think about what you are doing in integrated humanities science.

I know that children can accept and think more and different things than adults in their minds. These ideas are more distinctive and characteristic. They can learn from different positions from their own theories. So we can build our curriculum ideas based on their theory. Follow the children’s ideas and adapt some content to build our own content to attract students’ attention. We will have more than 10 minutes class discussions for students to share their thoughts . They can also listen to other children’s suggestions and integrate their opinions to better understand the content of the class.

3. Why is this learning method important to meeting the development needs of Indonesia?

When we go to class, the main stage is primary school students. For younger students, their focus is on 10 to 15 minutes, so we can separate the different projects and attract the attention of the students in different ways so that we can get better teaching results. Our topic is “protecting the environment”. We interviewed local villagers and got some knowledge about the environment of Bintan Island. Combined with their culture, the classroom will be more vivid for local students, and they will feel even more familiar with the topic.

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